Authentic Adventures in the western Balkans

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 Authentic Adventures in the western Balkans

Unique encounters with nature, culture and people

Picture the beaches of Montenegro’s Adriatic coast and the beautiful Bay of Kotor, the wild mountain regions of Albania, and the wide plains along the Danube in Serbia; there is unbelievable variety in both landscape and culture to be found in the western Balkans.  Each country and region has its own special characteristics and charms.

Often just a few minutes’ drive from the popular tourist areas, largely untouched regions await discovery by walkers, mountain bikers and nature lovers.

3e Travel will tailor your clients western Balkan’s experience whether they are travelling alone or with a family or have a special interest they wish to explore.  With tours on the spectacular coastline and inland to the mountains, 3e takes you to some of the most unspoilt places in this corner of Europe.

Boris Jablan, founder of 3e Travel, takes personal responsibility to ensure that all tours are planned and organised in close cooperation with local partners.  Everyone benefits:  local tourism enterprise provides a means of livelihood and encourages the population to remain in the mountain regions.

Boris said “We prefer small, privately run accommodation, and support traditional restaurants.    Sustainable tourism promotes the further development of local traditions and contributes to the maintenance of regional cultures.” “Our tours are proof that it is possible to support local partners and enterprises without sacrificing comfort and quality”.

The unbelievable variety of the western Balkans means that all holiday tastes can be catered for. Whether you are searching for adventure or for enjoyment and relaxation – you will find it here!

To learn more about 3e Travel, or for off the beaten track itinerary suggestions in the western Balkans, please click here


3e Travel is an inbound tour operator and DMC for Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Albania.  3e offer thoughtfully created sightseeing, discovery, and (soft) adventure tours, hotel and transportation bookings, touring- and mountain bike rentals, qualified and licensed tour guides and adventure guides.

 2013 “Golden Palm” in the category Family Travel, with our partners “Weltweitwandern”

2013 “Wild Beauty Award” Montenegro – category Active Tour Operator

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