Lonely Planet declares St Helena one of the top regions in the world for 2016

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St Helena – “the faintest of paradisiacal punctuation points on the bright blue page of the South Atlantic Ocean” – has been named one of the top regions in the world for travellers in 2016.

The region receives the accolade in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2016, the highly anticipated collection of the world’s hottest trends, destinations and experiences for the year ahead. The bestselling, inspirational travel yearbook from the world’s leading travel authority highlights the top ten countries, cities and regions to visit in 2016.

Previously the only way to visit St Helena was by sailing 3100km from Cape Town on the RMS Saint Helena – a 10-day return trip – but it will “soon be part of the planet less lonely when its much-talked about airport finally opens in 2016”.

According to the book, “the airport will doubtless change St Helena eventually, but it won’t make it any less exciting or curious as a destination in the short term. Mobile phone reception will remain a rumour, cars will be decades behind the times, drivers will still wave when passing and island life, including the unique flora and fauna that so intrigued Darwin, will continue at its own somnambulant pace.”

St Helena featured tenth on the list of top regions. Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2016 contributor, Tom Hall, explains, “St Helena has spent 14 million years in glorious geographic isolation making it the Galápagos of the South Atlantic. It boasts about 500 endemic species not known anywhere else in the world. With its new airport opening in 2016, St Helena is finally becoming more accessible so travellers will now be able to experience the wonder of this island for themselves.”

The destinations featured in the book are selected because they meet certain criteria; it could be that something special is going on in the year ahead or there’s been recent development and a lot of buzz about the place, that it offers travellers new things to see or do, or that the Lonely Planet team of experts thinks it’s been overlooked and underrated and suggests travellers visit before the crowds do.

Now is the time to start planning a visit to the not for much longer remote and secret Island of St Helena!

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