Tropical, welcoming, remote, spectacular and full of history, St Helena is one of the most extraordinary places on earth.


How to get there? Take a relaxing voyage on one of the last working Royal Mail ships in the world, to one of the most remote, inhabited islands on earth.


Compared with today’s giant cruise liners the RMS St Helena is a small ship. The emphasis is on relaxation and time out from it all. You can bask in an atmosphere of sun, sea and relaxed, friendly efficiency.


There are all the traditional ocean-going pastimes of the sun deck and swimming pool, traditional deck games, films, discos, bingo, race nights and quizzes.


The Ship’s galley would grace many of the world’s best restaurants. One of the highlights of the ship’s day is the six-course dinner served in the attractively appointed dining saloon.


The Portuguese discovered St Helena in 1502 and later was a Dutch then British possession. The Island played an important role during the abolition of slavery. The Island’s remote location meant it was used as a place of exile for key prisoners, including some 6,000 Boers, Chief Dinizulu, Bahraini princes, and, of course, Napoleon, who died on St Helena.


St Helena offers a uniquely rich diversity of heritage-based attractions, both built and natural, from visiting the Georgian Jamestown to the rugged coastline, from the rolling hills to the stark yet striking geology at Sandy Bay, breathtaking views from the highest peaks, inviting waters, and 100% quaintness.


For more information about voyages onboard the RMS St Helena click here

For information about the island, what to do, where to stay have a look at the official tourism website

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